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Operations Manager

Lagos, NG · Full time

Job Description

Dukka is making it easier for individuals and small businesses to manage their finances better. We are building the operating system for commerce in emerging markets. At Dukka, we take pride in hiring the best people and getting out of their way so that they can make things happen.

Is this you?

As Operations Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective day-to-day operations of the company. You will be responsible for overseeing various aspects of the business to meet the organisational goals and objectives, enhance productivity and optimise utilisation of resources. You must be adaptable and strategic and must be able to lead a team to achieve operational excellence.

This role reports directly to the CEO.


  1. Maintain standard operating procedures internally and externally.
  2. Implement and drive the adoption of the the 6 weeks operations cycle
  3. Adopt the role of Configuration Manager in CCBs
  4. Driving the strict adoption of documentation style for processes, systems, standards, partnerships, workflows, etc
  5. Quiz existing operational structures, suggest improvements and drive execution.
  6. Foster clear and open communication within the operations team and other team members.
  7. Taking charge of daily stand ups and driving accountability across all teams
  8. Report operational performance to Management and collaborate to achieve organisational goals.
  9. Hands-on ability to write clean, secure, reliable, maintainable, and testable documentation and processes.
  10. Design, improve, and execute on external customer facing processes
  11. Establish and maintain Dukka’s standards to ensure customers and partners receive quality services
  12. Review company policies and business opportunities
  13. Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and develop safety protocols to create a secure work environment for employers and customers
  14. Identify operational gaps caused by resource constraints and step in quickly to redirect the flow of resources to maintain efficient productivity
  15. Ensure timely resolution of support issues raised by the team
  16. Collaborate with sales and other teams to help find ways to create cost-effective business processes that will attract new customers.
  17. Identify operational risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Create and maintain the business continuity plan to handle unforeseen disruptions.
  18. Analyse data using a variety of tools, such as modelling, statistics and experiments to get more information about Dukka’s performance and summarise the information for company reports.
  19. Review findings with Management and discuss possible next steps that lead to an effective solution.
  20. Preserve technical knowledge through conferences and professional publications
  21. Oversee and ensure smooth running of the Co-working space (CommunityByDukka)
  22. Any other related operational duties assigned.
  23. We’re a startup. You should be comfortable taking an imperfect process, improving on it, and driving it all the way to success

Basic Requirements

  1. Experience. Ideally, 8+ years as operations manager, project manager, or similar role, preferably in a Fintech.
  2. Communication. Exceptional communication skills in English - both oral and written.
  3. Leadership. Able to lead a team and make decisions.
  4. You live in or are willing and able to move to Lagos, Nigeria.
  5. Proven ability to manage time efficiently and prioritise multiple stakeholders, functions, and tasks
  6. You are extremely proactive, independent, and comfortable proposing new ideas. This also means holding your ground when you believe you are right
  7. Extreme attention to detail, organisation skills, and responsiveness. You basically solve problems before others realise they exist.


You have a Bachelor's or Masters’ degree from an accredited university plus significant experience in the workforce.