A team you can always rely on.

We are an incredible team of problem solvers who are passionate about building practical tools and products to help small businesses grow.

When we design and build products, we design with empathy. We care a lot about our users and we strongly believe the technology for businesses should not be too expensive to access, nor too hard to use.

We are building the bedrock for commerce in Africa. Small businesses today are the corporations and big businesses of tomorrow. That is why at Dukka, we are building an inclusive world where a small business can function and run efficiently as a big business. Our business tools ensure that no one gets left behind in this digital age.

Small team. Big hearts.

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Our values

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.


We’re deliberate about people. We trust team members to do the right thing.


Every team member and staff’s opinion matters; the brightest of ideas could stem from the person most ignored.


We wholeheartedly believe in our mission and we believe in each other’s abilities. Together, we can reimagine and build the future we all want to live in.


We always want to set the pace and stay ahead of the game. We genuinely care about how we can solve real-life problems using technology.

We like Different

We make better products and build a stronger culture with diverse teams who think and solve problems differently.