Let’s play a quick game. Close your eyes and picture this: After a long week at work, you are lying in bed to get some rest when you suddenly remember that it’s your mom’s 60th birthday tomorrow. In the same succession, you remember that planning the party has been your responsibility for the past three months.

Within the next two hours, you somehow have to figure out how to hire a planner that can pull off a party in 24 hours. You check through Instagram and narrow your search down to two pages. Page A is littered with low-quality event decor images and poorly designed graphics; generally, the page lacks coordination. On the other hand, Page B has it all together with its layout and designs. It features high-quality event decor images and has all its aesthetics well put together.
Constrained by time which shall it be; Page A or Page B?

It’s no secret that people are first visual before anything else. Think of the popular social apps and websites; they stuck because they had excellent and clean designs.

You must sell more than a compelling product to rank among the best. You must show people how amazing your products are through great design and displays.

As a small business owner, here’s why you should take your online aesthetics seriously:

  • Brand identity

As a small business owner, your primary goal is to build your business to the point where your brand becomes a household name. Having your designs on lockdown will do this for you.

Isn’t it interesting that when the colour Yellow appears on TV, your mind is already conditioned to know that it’s an MTN ad? That is the power of design. In building your small business, you must pay keen attention to your design details and ensure that they are solid enough to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

  • First impression

Have you ever seen a random, beautifully crafted ad design while scrolling through Instagram and following the page even though you didn’t necessarily need their product at the time? Great design has this effect on people.

Like the hypothetical scenario described above, your business is often only an option for customers. You must do everything possible to ensure that your business is the final choice.

By improving your page aesthetics and making your website more welcoming and user-friendly, you significantly increase your chances of being the business buyers choose. 

  • Brand authenticity 

In a society with infinite cyber crimes, you want to do well to portray your legitimate business as it is. 

If your brand’s online presence comes across as lazy and dull, you may lose credible positioning. Consider investing in higher-quality images and overall content on your business pages and websites. You can learn from peers how to curate your feed to be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Better communication 

As a business owner in 2022, this should never be your approach to announcements!

Marketing your business to a society with a low attention span demands that you keep your messaging short and precise. Instead of putting up long-form messages about your product and service offerings,  graphic designs with catchy colours and punchy copies will work.

In all your online communication, always remember that pictures speak louder than words. 

Final thought 

In conclusion, we have learned that great design can improve your business in many ways, from building a household identity, to creating an excellent first impression, to enhancing your online communication and, finally, to building your brand’s authenticity.

Considering these tips will change the game for your business in the future.


For what other reasons do you think that small business owners should take design more seriously?


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