Dukka’s vision is to help small businesses thrive in today’s digital economy. We recently asked all our employees to talk about how their work directly impacts the Company’s overall vision. It was interesting to see how everyone interpreted and personalised it in their different capacities. They could clearly describe their contributions to the vision in apparent terms. 

For your small business to be successful, all your employees must have this same sense of responsibility and ownership mentality.

You will have to make many high-priority decisions daily as a business owner. A team that understands their responsibilities and can make intelligent decisions without your input will be very instrumental to the success of your business.

To build a sustainable business, you must empower your team to make decisions independently. When you authorise an employee to make decisions and get things done with reasonable judgment, you tell them that you trust them and that you feel they are intelligent and can handle things. 

Here are some strong reasons why you should empower your team as a business owner:

  • Collaboration grows in your organisation

With increased confidence, employees are more willing to share information and best practices with others. Honesty and openness also increase and directly impacts people’s ability to work as a team. 

  • Problems are resolved faster.

Nothing is more frustrating when dealing with business issues than constantly referring to another person on the chain of command. If a person has the resources and authority to get the job done without running around for authorisation, things will get done a lot faster.

  • Higher Quality Customer Service

Bureaucracy is time-consuming, and customers do not like it. People like dealing with the person who can get the job done for them. Empowering your employees to make specific deals, give specific discounts at their discretion or provide other customer service solutions will build up a happier customer base.

  • Improved Processes and Procedures

Empowered employees will question things and look at every aspect of the job from their perspective. An empowered employee will see a better way to do something and proceed to make the necessary adjustments to fix problems. That improves the entire system. Empowered employees know that managers respect new ideas that make things better.


With the points outlined in this article, it is clear that empowering employees is something that you need to consider as a business owner. 

The process of empowering your employees for tremendous success is not a one-time fix. You must continuously lookout for new ways to keep improving it.

In the light of the above, we have established that creating an enabling environment for your employees impacts the quality of their work. We also showed that making a conscious effort to empower your staff is in your business’s best interest in the long run.

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